The very things which sustain us, can also protect us.

The air we breathe. The light by which we see. The materials we wear. The food we eat. Singletto harnesses the power of oxygen, light, and color to protect you from pathogens.

Proven Science with Novel Applications.

Light and colored dyes are used medically to treat cancer and skin conditions. This hundred-year-old practice is called Photodynamic Therapy (PDT). The same principles are now applied in novel ways to provide perpetual protection from dangerous pathogens, even COVID-19. A recent 52 researcher, worldwide WHO-led study confirms such. Continue reading about our science and technology

Active Protection for Active Living.

Most current pathogen protection technologies either trap pathogens or disinfect pathogens after infection. Very few protective technologies exist to actively destroy pathogens during product use or wear. Singletto’s perpetual action technology allows for continual self-decontamination. This means we can get out and get going, with active self-protection. Continue reading about product self-decontamination

Oxygen, Light, and Color.

The interaction between light, certain colored molecules, and oxygen can create singlet oxygen. Singlet oxygen is well known for its ability to inactivate harmful pathogens. Singletto’s team of chemistry and virology experts specialize in the optimization of light and color to create effective, safe, pathogen-killing singlet oxygen solutions. Meet Singletto’s expert team

Today, Tomorrow, Forever.

Of course, we have been focused on COVID-19. Everyone has been. But, pathogens – like the common cold, seasonal flu, and future strains of coronavirus – will always exist. Plus, the rising threat of antimicrobial resistance is expected to reach critical levels in the next thirty years. Singlet Oxygen works indiscriminately so resistance cannot be formed and is effective against a wide range of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. Continue reading about healthcare applications

Innovation Never Stops.

Singletto’s technology is simple and proven, but innovation drives us. Singletto’s partner labs and expert chemists, virologists, and researchers continue research and development. We’re optimizing technology for specific use cases, environments, and consumer needs. We’re partnering with trusted brands to create everyday products with this pathogen-fighting technology. A partnership with Singletto means an investment in ongoing R&D. Partner with Singletto...