Novel solutions for novel challenges

Innovative, yet practical, singlet oxygen solutions to protect you and frontline heroes from COVID-19 and more.

“Singletto redefines how we defend health workers and the global community against infectious pathogens.”

Thomas Lendvay
Chief Medical Officer

Global pandemics affect everyone and everything.

COVID-19 has upended our lives, yet it isn’t the first—or the last—pathogen. A vaccine will take months to develop and distribute, and won't work for all of us. We need new ways to protect ourselves so we can keep living during a pandemic.

Health and frontline workers deserve the best protection.

Personal protection equipment (PPE) wasn't built for reuse, and it's never faced an airborne virus like COVID-19. As a result, health workers risk infection when caring for our sick and elderly. We need innovations in PPE to protect our frontline heroes.


Dyes make COVID die.

When struck by light, plant leaves convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, and certain dyes convert oxygen to singlet oxygen. Singlet oxygen kills bacteria, fungus, and virus particles. We invented a way to decontaminate masks, PPE, and lots of other everyday things using singlet oxygen.

Singlet Oxygen is
COVID’s kryptonite.

One of those Easter Eggs your kid just decorated isn't just pretty, it may also be killing COVID*.  And the Riboflavin in your cereal? They’re photosensitizers and they've been killing viruses forever, and that's why surgeons have been using Methylene Blue dye for decades in cancer surgeries and other procedures. We were the first to realize we could use it to decontaminate and protect our masks (and other things), and now you know too. Some dyes kill COVID, and they could be the kryptonite of COVID and other pathogens.  Singletto is discovering and commercializing new ways to harness their superpower so we can take control of our lives back from this and future pandemics.

The Team

Meet the world’s foremost experts at the intersection of
virus protection and singlet-oxygen technology.

James Chen, MD
Chief Scientific Officer
Thomas Lendvay, MD
Chief Medical Officer
John Bjornson
Daniel Hoang, MPP
Chief Marketing Officer
Tanner Clark, MD
Research and Product
Singletto Labs
Research Team

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