Frontline heroes deserve the best

What if PPE attacked pathogens while healthcare workers saved lives? That's our plan.

We need new innovations in PPE to protect our frontline heroes.

Existing healthcare PPE was only designed to trap, or accumulate, pathogens rather than destroy them. Frontline heroes are made increasingly vulnerable when they remove, reuse, or dispose their virus-exposed PPE.

Whether in a pandemic or not, healthcare workers face harmful pathogens daily, and will continue to need protection from COVID-19 and other deadly viruses and harmful bacteria.

Healthcare providers shouldn’t have to risk infection to care for our sick and elderly. We need affordable solutions at scale that continuously decontaminate protective equipment while its worn.

A WHO-assembled consortium studied Singletto co-founder Dr. James Chen’s hypothesis that Protective Dyes could be used to perpetually decontaminate PPE. Read more here about this groundbreaking study. Full text of the DeMaND study can be found at MedRxiv and peer-review is available from the Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology medical journal.

Let’s spread hope, together.

Singletto is building innovative, yet practical, ways to decontaminate PPE with singlet oxygen.

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