The Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology medical journal has published the peer-reviewed DeMaND study. The original work (full text) was pre-published in 2020 and can be viewed on MedRxiv. Singletto’s Dr. Tom Lendvay served as Lead Author.

This study, completed over the spring and summer of 2020 amid the thrust of the COVID-19 pandemic, included researchers and scientists from around the world. Fifty-two total researchers, 13 institutions, including the WHO, CDC, NIOSH, and others, collaborated on such. Since the release of the original research, the WHO has commissioned seven follow-up studies, and Singletto has continued sponsored research in its six academically affiliated labs throughout North America.

Singletto Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. James (Jim) Chen, spent decades as a neurosurgeon and oncology researcher studying the pathogen-destroying benefits of light-activated protective dyes. Chen was the first to hypothesize that Methylene Blue (MB), a protective dye used in many clinical applications, could decontaminate masks and other PPE contaminated with coronavirus.

The Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology medical journal published the results of the WHO-led DeMaND study supporting Chen’s hypothesis:

MBL [Methylene Blue and Light] treatment decontaminated respirators and masks by inactivating three tested coronaviruses without compromising integrity through 5CD. MBL decontamination is effective, low-cost, and does not require specialized equipment, making it applicable in all-resource settings.

Chen says, “I have spent decades studying this technology. I knew it would work. I was honored to see the research team come together and confirm such. Protectives dyes are incredibly powerful. But, the DeMaND study is just the tip of the iceberg. We showed how protective dyes can inactivate coronavirus on masks and PPE. Protective dyes with their unique ability to create singlet oxygen can also inactivate all kinds of virus and bacteria. This technology is relevant for the current pandemic, future crises, and even common colds and flus.”

The peer review of the initial DeMaND study, however, represents yet another proof point for this incredible body of research.

Lead author and Singletto Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tom Lendvay says,

“Peer review is such an important step in any medical research. However, this research and strong data need to inform real change, and at Singletto, we are well on our way to bringing this much-needed technology to market.”

Singletto’s ongoing research continues to prove the efficacy of protective dyes in inactivating viruses and other pathogens. Its protective dye technology (named Oxafence for the fence-like barrier of singlet oxygen it creates) can inactivate 99.9% of coronavirus and other surrogates in less than five minutes in normal indoor lighting conditions. Materials from masks to gloves to gowns have been pre-treated with Oxafence, and all show quick inactivation of virus. Further research on Oxafence has demonstrated the long-lasting ability of such technology. Oxafence can be embedded into product manufacturing or sprayed on post-manufacturing to inactivate pathogens.

Singletto is working with healthcare systems now on introductory launches of Oxafence and manufacturing partners to embed Oxafence technology into common products.


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The Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology medical journal has published the peer-reviewed DeMaND study. Singletto’s Dr. Tom Lendvay served as Lead Author.


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