SEATTLE – Dr. Thomas Lendvay, Singletto’s Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer was just named a “Top Doctor” by Seattle Magazine. The 21st annual list of the region's best physicians was just released in the May/June issue now available.

“What an honor to be named one of the region’s top doctors,” says Lendvay.

Lendvay, a pediatric urologist and surgeon at Seattle Children’s, was highlighted for his robotic surgery and minimally invasive techniques.

“I’ve always been attracted to disruptive technologies,” says Lendvay. “I am fueled by change, by innovation, and by progress. I want the best for my patients, and for society as a whole. I am committed to finding innovative ways to improve healthcare.”

Lendvay’s entire career has been one of disruption and innovation.

In 2014, Lendvay co-founded a quality improvement feedback company, C-SATS. The C-SATS platform reinvented how surgeons could be evaluated, with the goal of providing essential data, learnings, and areas of improvement for operating physicians. Lendvay led C-SATS until 2018 when it was acquired by Johnson & Johnson.  

Through a Department of Defense grant, Lendvay once oversaw the implementation of virtual reality technology into pre-operative processes, which allowed surgeons to practice their skills and techniques immediately before entering operating rooms.

Lendvay explains his goal for both the C-SATS and V/R technologies was simple, “I wanted to help surgeons provide optimal patient care by reducing errors and elevating skills.”

Currently, Lendvay is Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of two leading-edge biotechnology start-ups: Singletto and MicrobiomX, both of which provide solutions for the emerging antimicrobial crisis expected to cause 10 million deaths each year by 2050. The overexposure to and overuse of antibiotics has long been weakening antibiotic efficacy.

“At Singletto, we are creating perpetual solutions for defending against SARS-CoV-2, common colds, flus, and other pathogens. Our technology is a much needed defense against the looming AMR crisis as viruses and bacteria cannot create resistance to our singlet oxygen mode of inactivation,” says Lendvay.

Singletto’s Oxafence solution kills pathogens by generating singlet oxygen through the use of special protective dyes. Oxafence can be embedded into product manufacturing or sprayed on post-manufacturing to perpetually provide inactivation of viruses and bacteria.

Per Lendvay, “We can prevent infection and the spread of disease by making and using products embedded with Oxafence singlet oxygen technology. Rather than just using antibiotics to treat infection, we can prevent infection.”

At MicrobiomX, Lendvay is creating restorative gut microbiome technology to repair damage caused by antibiotic overuse. His work is crucial to transforming health as four out of every ten Americans suffer from gut disorders brought on by antibiotics, chemotherapy, and diet.

“Tom’s vision for a healthier future is inspiring,” says Singletto CEO John Bjornson. “His passion for disruptive innovation has created huge advances in healthcare. Without a doubt, the work he is doing now with Singletto and other groups will make people safer, freer, healthier, and better prepared to face the invisible world around them. It’s no wonder Seattle Magazine named him one of their top doctors.’

For more on Dr. Tom, Lendvay, visit Visit Seattle Magazine online here.


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